Nutrition Counseling

As a registered and licensed professional in nutrition and dietetics (the science of how nutrition affects human health), I am bound by ethical, legal and professional standards that protect you, your privacy, and right to receive safe and evidence-based nutrition guidance. 

First and foremost, please know that I am human and understand the daily struggle. I am committed to working with you without expectations of perfection.  My goal for you is to arm you with knowledge and provide you support.

What you CAN expect when working me

  • A safe, judgement-free zone (I am not the food police)
  • Evidence-based strategies customized to you to help you achieve your personal nutrition goals at your pace
  • A non-diet weight-neutral approach
  • Empowerment through learning and understanding how proper nutrition plays a role in your health. When we understand “why” we are making certain choices, we can align our actions, values and purpose with that why
  • No gimmicks, shortcuts, magic pills and powders, or quick-fixes, because your long-term health and success is my priority
  • In-office or secure TeleHealth virtual visits for your convenience.  Please note that at this time I am only offering TeleHealth consults while my new office is under construction.  If you have a professional office that is available for in-office visits, I am happy to coordinate that visit with you.  

Health and Nutrition Lectures

Are you a business or organization interested in empowering your patients or clients with nutrition education aimed at improving their health and lives? I love sharing my knowledge to help improve the health of our community!

Serving Patients in Your Office


If you are interested in having me come to your office to serve your patients, I am happy to work with your office to make special arrangements.




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